Super Secret Seriousness

Verse 1: Super secret seriousness / prolonging states of confusion and fantasies / when anything goes, no one is to blame / language and actions are all the same / this blend is alluring and distinct / like colours and sounds being tailored made for personalities / from a great factory

Verse 2: Running means you always have to be quick / if you're out of time, then you're left behind / every side yearns to be rubbed the right way / extend your hands to join the ranks of the rising fold / from a great factory

Verse 3: Winter sleep and summer rise / identities of varying degrees / weaknesses will give way to a multitude of strengths / if you think you understand / then you know nothing at all / losers will always complain when they remain the same / like being multiplied in familiar ways / from a great factory

Chorus: Into the darkest vortex of every mind / some are trapped, some are renewed / super secret seriousness

Outro: Super secret seriousness / transformation in timeless ways / to receive you must learn to give / into the darkest vortex of every mind

Written by B. (Tuesday, April 9, 2019) Copyright 2019