The Captain

Verse 1: Hostility and artificiality surround us / armours have to be thick and large / if you want to be a phemale / the chains of denials prevent you from exploring / and from asking questions about your nature and beyond / in order to break them, you must return to your mind / to delve into your tones / and release wonders of being / the fragility of commonness is concealed / and when it's finally revealed, the effects will disintegrate

Verse 2: You can use spices and oils for nourishment or talking points / if what they say about talk is true / then your motions should always be new / playing with yourself can be fine if there are limits / and if you do it with others / the lines you draw should be known / the rocks of our lives are thrown into lakes and rivers / sometimes we see the ripples of its beauty and ugliness / it's so simple that it goes over heads and under hearts / lingers in the atmosphere / and becomes known when the time is right

Verse 3: There are purposes to every plan / believe that nothing is without meaning / emotions will ultimately give way to the greater logic / patience will render you still / between moments of pain and clarity / it is the underrated gentle light / its guidance is real and good in every sense / without any lack of fences / going everywhere you reside / it's always in your favour, embrace it / unique to your very own patterns / allowing you to be complete

Chorus: Trust my body and my words / I'm the captain that you crave / terrain is rough and water is high / stand on my shoulders to jump into the sky

Written by B. (Thursday, April 25, 2019) Copyright 2019