Green Like That

Verse 1: Today I opened up my eyes for the very first time, oh wow / I instantly believed in how I was using my senses all at once / it was electrifying / travelling inside of me and out again / I was boldly bright / and yes, I cried tears of joy for knowing myself / it was greater than the best dream / the start of something new and exciting one step at a time

Verse 2: I struggled with existence before I came into being alive / it was rough being pushed aside, walked upon / being treated as if I were invisible / without luck, full of troubling and confusing experiences / dramatic and wild / like being a stranger among the cruel and apathetic / loneliness was weird from day to day / I'm no longer bothered with the past / it is left behind for many reasons / my future is now

Bridge 1: I have worked the fields through hunger and thirst / slept on the floors of desperation / rode on emotions and quickly became lost / I was an object of others

Bridge 2: Layers of fragility are unraveling / waves of clarity are numerous and strong / abilities of the heart will lead the way / to all the things that I deserve

Chorus: I never saw green like that before / from the ground, up to the sky / it's giving me all the life and more / the purest thing that I've ever known / full of richness on a higher scale / I accept and celebrate it / every moment is monumental / I am humbled / I never saw green like that before

Written by B. (Monday, May 6, 2019) Copyright 2019