Jagged Little Pill

Verse 1: It's a black day if you stay within yourself / there's no escaping to the other common side / you're soft and delicate / when things are rough and tumble / without putting up much of a fight / you go down easily / it's beyond pathetic to not being taken seriously / as you dwell underground, invisibility becomes a way of life / you're slowly choking on a jagged little pill

Verse 2: If you tell white lies / forgiveness is part of the deal / tactics of shaming won't be formulated and dispersed / clubs of various kinds will act as dove and snake / if a monumental moment arrives / everything is up for grabs / you're slowly chewing on a jagged little pill

Verse 3: The outdoors will be claimed and utilized / for experiencing pleasure and participating in protest / if past is present, then the fight becomes bolder / years of awkwardness and pain will never be forgotten / you're slowly crushing a jagged little pill

Bridge: The chest pounders will claim superiority in the permissive age / and replicate those notions in blatant ways / minds will be shared / as calls for tolerance grow louder and stronger / being compassionate becomes harder

Chorus: Who and what you love is controversial / and controversy is good / regardless of what most may say / there's a pill for every ailment / for every imbalance and cause / it's the way to be in these modern societies / there's praise and condemnation for jagged little pills

Outro: There's a pill for every colour / for every sound, for every image / there's a pill for every mood / for every party, for every nation / there's acceptance and rejection for the jagged little pill

Written by B. (Friday, April 13, 2018) Copyright 2018