A Stranger

Verse 1: With your armour and boldness / you mesmerize me to the core / replication of mysteries and colorful identities / an enchanting history of change / transformation, grand and strange / a vessel of unknown origin and intent / your alliance with the sun and moon is limitless

Verse 2: I'm as regular as other males / and many females would agree / with a common mentality / I'm as fearless as a bee / with general knowledge and fortitude / and recognition of danger and beauty / my travels are as simple as paper and grass / hidden away are my stories and opinions

Bridge: I'm worried if I dance with your energies and fail / I'll be lost and confused in a storm / desperately trying to reclaim what's left of a shattered identity / many things can never return, just like time / being trapped in regret is exhausting / there's no such thing as the past / when the present is the same as yesterday

Chorus: I know who I am / but you're a stranger / I know where I'm from / but your starting point is hidden / I belong here but you haven't established your motives or creed / they say I'm human / so you might as well be a ghost

Written by B. (Wednesday, June 20, 2018) Copyright 2018