The Star of Downtown

Verse 1: Broke and desperate, wanting a piece of everything / beautiful and ambitious in a defiant way / underground with the hustlers and marginalized / no time for pumping brakes or dealing with flakes / with good chops and fierceness / I'll be called upon by haters and lovers alike / if I were boring, then I'd be ignored

Verse 2: Rolling my eyes at wannabes and geezers / if they're not compelling / they should be kicked off the stage / I bring the spice and salsa / I bring the drama with chips / going over, inside, under your heads in one fell swoop / if colour is energy, then I'll soak in rainbows

Verse 3: I don't need magic or luck / for you to crave my hunger / you've been denied an essential part of life for too long / my fabulousness is a modern wonder of art and life / it taps into a rising consciousness for love of self / a perfect sensation to cultivate and maintain / integrity and passion wrapped in a beautiful package / what's controversial is refusal to look to the future

Chorus: Give the * and freaks exactly what they want from me / give the poets and punks exactly what they want from me / incredible style and * attitude / designates me as the star of downtown (I'm a proud *)

Written by B. (Saturday, March 24, 2018) Copyright 2018