Mo'gelin Wit U

Verse 1: You've got skin and hair for the sun / clean and natural / rockin thoughts and moves with classic confidence / I know more about u than u know of me / I'd like for that to change / to be in the same range as far as sanity is concerned / with many lessons learned, wisdom has been instilled / I'm not foolish like other dudes / got discipline and more / join me to explore my vibes and observations / on various topics with a willingness to learn things

Verse 2: With chaos and confusion, misery and malice, dirt and danger / it's hard to distinguish between friend and foe / one has to move delicately in rough zones to avoid drama / or at least lessen its impact / baggage of the past infiltrates thoughts and mood / like a silent intruder, compromising situations without detection / outside the usual scope of awareness / we can be better than elders / cleaning up their messes / not letting their ways infect us like viruses / being the healers we deserve / to restore ourselves to wholeness, to naturalness

Chorus: I've been thinkin bout mo'gelin wit u / u run around often in my head / the influence of sound is slowly creepin in / we can create another realm for us / where we can be our truest selves in every way

Written by B. (Saturday, June 30, 2018) Copyright 2018