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    Default The Quote Unquote Most Mysterious Song On The Internet (Blind the Wind)

    I took a brief search and saw no one had posted this yet. Titled because that's what everyone else is calling it.

    For starters:

    Reconstructed version:

    Is the song in question.

    The tl;dr version: Its a song found on a tape, recorded from between 82-84 in West Germany, on the NDR-1 radio show, "Musik Für Junge Leute."

    It was originally posted by a person calling themselves Anton Ridel, now known as Lydia, to the website to little success, and later they posted a full version online for others to ID.

    Someone hyped it up on a Tip Of My Tongue Reddit post as "THE MOST MYSTERIOUS SONG IN THE WORLD," and the name stuck.

    If anyone can ID this, that'd be great. I've had others here help me in the search for some of the most bizarre songs before. I'd like to see this one get some love.
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