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  1. ADDNoah said:

    Default Feeling of Today

    All I do is bother you
    No matter what I do
    You say I don't
    I say I won't
    To myself
    Put emotion on a shelf

    I have fear
    And it is dear
    That I will push you away
    That it will soon be the day
    Then I weakly assure
    That these feelings aren't sure

    I don't know what I am doing
    Strange outbursts and stewing
    Everyone else is fine
    My emotions spiked like a tine
    They're happy to see each other
    Yet I am greeted with a bother

    Is there a plan?
    I should just take a ban
    Go away forever
    Let them be close and clever
    I can't fix anything
    I am afraid of everything

    Anger and fear
    Rotten with a leer
    Stomach full and gross feeling
    I am truly unappealing
    Over thought and upset
    Come on, place your bet!

    Getting poked by those who care
    but the one I want is unaware
    I've done nothing progressive
    Excuses that the season is festive
    All I can do is mutter and run away
    To an empty canvas for words to lay
  2. Scribbledee123 said:


    4 or more years Iíve been alone just trying to find myself, the person who I used to be collects dust upon a shelf, and since the past is left behind Iíve managed to turn back time, to be the guy I changed for sakes of others needs but mine.
    A rough few years Iíve leaned from pain that my happiness matters too, promising that to myself Iíd never be untrue. Figured Iíd be happier if I stay away from feeling, because itís cause nothing but pain inside and left with my heart bleeding.
    The Years went by and in my heart a touch of sad inside, emotions building up within I tried my best to hide, told myself I donít need love I need no one but me, and over the years I kept telling myself until I truly believed.
    There came aday I couldnt grasp like a spanner in the works, an oddly feeling that had no reason to cause something to lurk, my better judgement would say stay clear but an overwhelming urge, forced a crazy need to go and take a deeper search.
    I gazed with lust temptation controlled so a message i had to send, to a random stranger that came to me as a person of suggested friend, who was this woman and why does she make me feel so asphyxiated, I thought I was fine all by myself but then weird feelings created.
    A plunge I took without the knowledge and I thought well just because, I needed to see if sheíd reply so I could findout who she was, as time went on things would change and i kept her in my mind, but I couldnít answer any questions about the reasons why.
    Conversations flowed so well and itís like an open door, sheís become apart of my everyday like she was there all along before. So When the moon comes up and darkness falls I sit by the window side, and I send her hugs an kisses good night through the stars up in the sky
    Itís crazy how she makes me feel because weíve never met, a message I sent to this suggested friend is one Iíll never regret, so when comes the day I meet this girl an gaze into her eyes, it could just be the very start of the best story of of our lives