All I do is bother you
No matter what I do
You say I don't
I say I won't
To myself
Put emotion on a shelf

I have fear
And it is dear
That I will push you away
That it will soon be the day
Then I weakly assure
That these feelings aren't sure

I don't know what I am doing
Strange outbursts and stewing
Everyone else is fine
My emotions spiked like a tine
They're happy to see each other
Yet I am greeted with a bother

Is there a plan?
I should just take a ban
Go away forever
Let them be close and clever
I can't fix anything
I am afraid of everything

Anger and fear
Rotten with a leer
Stomach full and gross feeling
I am truly unappealing
Over thought and upset
Come on, place your bet!

Getting poked by those who care
but the one I want is unaware
I've done nothing progressive
Excuses that the season is festive
All I can do is mutter and run away
To an empty canvas for words to lay