A Good Gentleman

Verse 1: Shake that[*], Mister Melanin / let the hot vibrations roll through your skin / with candy lips and meat on bones / your appeal is more vibrant than all the colours combined / it's your words, it's your movements / that makes you bolder than anyone I know / I'm a fan of your shows / those you touch are energized and transformed into better beings / your gifts are unique as they are displayed with confidence / thank you for sharing them

Verse 2: You're not afraid of anything / as you walk fast and tall with appropriate posture / you go toe to toe with all your foes / when it's necessary, punches are not pulled / your aggressiveness is welcoming in times of softness and acquiescence / chumps and cowards should be inspired by your fortitude, by your intelligence / I know that I am / they say that life is hard / but somehow you make it look like it's simple and care-free / you have the ability to be young and energetic / the art of living has been mastered

Verse 3: You exhibit joy and curiosity / for the things that move and those which are still / has anyone ever told you / that you're an unusual creature? / there clearly is a reason for you to breathe among us / we need your continuous supply of awesomeness / its growing light is a wonder

Chorus: This is a song for[*] / a good gentleman from the[*] / an avid soccer and hockey fan / an effective father and caring husband / we love you,[*]

Written by B. (Sunday, November 25, 2018) Copyright 2018