The Type

Verse 1: What a remarkable sight to experience / I am drawn to the fascinating worlds you inhabit / your words and movements are naturally colourful and rhythmic / they can tame the fiercest creature / and give life to the non-existent / scorching electricity is what you have in abundance / gently touch my skin and stir up my blood

Verse 2: What is continuous with you are joy and peace / your very own brand of a self-created paradise / useful vibrations attach themselves to people, places, and things / multiplying in good order and creating profound legacies / as great as the stars in the sky / many have wished upon / closer to perfection with critical knowledge and confidence / teach me how to live honestly and completely

Verse 3: You understand how to use your purpose like a shield and sword / protecting what you cherish while cutting through obstacles / like a plant surrounded by fire and pollution / determined to always being a king where you reside / without fear of images, objects, and the unknown / displaying to all what it means / to be sovereign in mind, body, and soul / you're the model of the future (a million thank-yous to you)

Chorus: I'll be thinking about you all night long / oh yeah, oh yeah / you are[*][*],[*] great / I'll be thinking about you all night long / oh yeah, oh yeah / you're exactly the type of dude I want

Written by B. (Wednesday, October 31, 2018) Copyright 2018