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    Default "Kiss me" "Let your body feel my passion" 80's/90's please help :-)

    Does anybody know this? Thanks :-)

    When anything is sold out, will you be sneaking in my heart babe
    Oh, you're killing me with your lies, oh you're bringing me down, kiss me
    And your magic makes me wonder, while I'm streaking the edge of night
    All the hazy thrills, when your vision hits my eyes.
    Help, kiss me, kiss me, help, you're beautiful, let your body feel my passion
    You're beautiful, sacrifies myself.
    You're beautiful, let your body feel my passion, skin to skin

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    Con Act ‎– Beautiful

    Same song was also released 2 years later, however in a different style
    and also with different artist alias and title (Stac's - Kiss Me.)
    The A-side of song
    was my first trace and fortunately a helpful comment of the uploader MellieTerry
    lead me to the right version
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    Thanks Wurzlsepp, it's "Con Act - Beautiful " an alias of the same group :-) SOLVED

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