Help translate my rap into French!

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  1. Ultimate DJ said:

    Default Help translate my rap into French!

    I am trying to translate a rap i wrote into french. I have it in english and portuguese already.
    The hard part is obviously so it still rhymes but you have complete liberity to change and alter the lines as long as a similar idea is conveyed.
    Thanks a lot:

    I will never give up I will never give in
    I will keep on fighting til this battle I win
    you can say that i wont but you dont know where ive been
    pull the sword from this stone build a warrior within

    Im not about to allow a lot of doubt to bring me down
    dont ever count me out cause Imma mount up from the ground
    Ive not forgot not gon stop till Im atop the clouds
    an astronaut thats got a shot to turn his world around

    Truth is that Im choosing all the bruises and
    removing all excuses as Im moving into this future
    like Im superhuman

    Is the first part.
    Thanks again!
  2. Wuljfrs said:


    Hi! Are you still working on this?

    Just as a tip, a lot of French verbs endings rhyme: infinitive forms (especially those ending with -er and -ir), same for past participles (respectively - and -i), future tenses... So that would be an easy trick to make basically every line rhyme.

    However, I would have a hard time making this sound good, I think you'd better work with a French rapper? or at list listen to a lot of French rap if you have some notions. But I can still try to help you if you want.

    For example:
    I will never give up I will never give in
    A lot of verbs would fit and rhyme: abandonner, cder, capituler, succomber, renoncer... rhyme with a lot of past participles like gagn, endur... retirer l'pe du rocher, guerrier... they all sound like [e].
    or future tense: abandonnerai, cderai etc. all rhyme with jamais, vrai... and sound like [ɛ] (or [ɛː] I'm not sure)

    Good luck!
  3. Music Lover 2010 said:


    Wrong. The -er and the all sound like [ɪ], which is like the 'i' in the English 'pin'. And for that matter, the letter 'a' at the beginning or middle of a word is usually [], the letter 'o' is usually [ʌ], which is like the 'u' in the English 'pun', and the letter 'e' when final and pronounced and sometimes in the middle of a word is [], which has no English equivalent but is like the in the German, e.g., Gthe. The standard phonetic transcription for these French vowels is so completely out of touch with reality it's bizarre to the point of being surreal, and its following is maybe even more so.