I am trying to translate a rap i wrote into french. I have it in english and portuguese already.
The hard part is obviously so it still rhymes but you have complete liberity to change and alter the lines as long as a similar idea is conveyed.
Thanks a lot:

I will never give up I will never give in
I will keep on fighting til this battle I win
you can say that i wonít but you donít know where iíve been
pull the sword from this stone build a warrior within

Iím not about to allow a lot of doubt to bring me down
dont ever count me out cause Iímma mount up from the ground
Iíve not forgot not gon stop till Iím atop the clouds
an astronaut thatís got a shot to turn his world around

Truth is that Iím choosing all the bruises and
removing all excuses as Iím moving into this future
like Iím superhuman

Is the first part.
Thanks again!