Hey everyone. This one's a couple years old now and has managed to slip my mind for posting it. I was going through a pretty rough time and, as usual, used music and writing to work my way through it. Here's what came out of it. All feedback is welcome!

Life has come and gone,
Never still so it seems.
My intentions lost,
In the truth bury me.
Holding on for hope
That one day I'll return.

Who am I in all this madness?
Am I lost, never found again?
Is there still a shade of me
In this world ready to exist?

Watching, waiting,
Praying, dying

Circumstances draw
My design six below.
Identity fading, diminishing
With each passing moment.
Reflection causing insanity,
Rendering me so hopeless.
Roads lead to Rome, will this
Mecca before me be someone I know?
Is this a phase or will I end up
As a cold shell with no soul?


Over and over my heart struggles on!

Constant fight for who I was
In spite of what I have to be.
I give up what dwells inside or
Never let another person cut me off.
Someone help me find myself
Inside this mess within, it's Hell.
I won't give up, won't give in,
But what if I was never meant to take this win?

Chorus x2