3 dance songs (1997-2012)

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  1. Pharcyde said:

    Default 3 dance songs (1997-2012) (Solved)

    Hi folks.
    I am after 3 dance club songs.

    Here are the lyrics (or somehow them)

    1) I loooooooove Americaaaa (Maybe something else instead of ''love'' but definitely America comes after) (IDED)
    2) Let it be love,and walk on my kneeeees...(or somehow that) (IDED)
    3) Say yeeeah,so you want to be loooved (IDED)

    all three should be the description of the refain.

    not much,but any ideas please?thank you.
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  2. Trancyy said:
  3. rcgldr said:


    Patrick Juviet - I love America:


    Just Ah......merica - Voyage - Lady America:

  4. Pharcyde said:


    Thank you both guys.No 1 is solved.Full Intention - America.
  5. Pharcyde said:


    No 2 is solved too.Swen G. ft Inusa - Morning light
  6. Pharcyde said:


    Someone for no 2 please?
  7. Pharcyde said:


    No 3 is solved too.Liquid - One love family.
    All 3 ided.thank you!