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    Default 70's / 80's song: Johnny (with lyrics) Please help :-)

    Does anybody know this song? Thanks for helping. :-)

    Johnny in the middle of the park waiting for tomorrow
    Hasn't got a penny or a Mark or a road to follow
    Doesn't have a realistic mind or a word to say
    No he don't know where he's going to or from where he came
    Johnny in the middle of a dream fadels(?) in his pocket
    Hasn't got a brother or a queen, Johnny is a rocket
    He's been movin' on a one night stand, he's a one man show
    And he's looking for some one place he can go
    Tonight is over, Johnny has a little dream,
    the things are not as bad as they seem
    Or there's something blowing in the air,
    living without a care, the grass is green.

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    I found this link which talks about the background of the song:

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    Never heard this song before but I really like it!

    Sure sounds like Tom Jones is singing.


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