Nadejda Cepraga "Tonight / I simply love you" (Russian)

Thread: Nadejda Cepraga "Tonight / I simply love you" (Russian)

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    Could someone possibly help me with the lyrics of the song featured in this video? It's sung in Romanian and Russian, the Russian part beginning at approximately 1:15. A translation is not needed, only the lyrics for the Russian portion. I will be ever so grateful.

    The title of the song is "Astă seară" / "Сегодня вечером", meaning "Tonight", and apparently it's also referred to as "Просто я люблю", which means "I simply love (you)". Performed by Nadejda Cepraga with the group "Plai" ("Summit", in Romanian).

    Here's the link to the video:
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    Thanks to novox for providing the lyrics.