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  1. complexity0 said:

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    Think you can beat me, join me?

    My life is threatened, another night of stressin
    got a nice collection'
    of every type of weapon, might be a wesson
    sniffin ivermexitan
    while I type to miley cyrus textin
    twice a second, we are cybersexin
    I have a slight erection that is like perfection
    fly a private jet into irs with a quiet engine
    during a pilot test high on meth
    its kind of temptin' to fight a flight attendant
    when I arrive in heaven, I'll have hypertension
    from the time I'm spendin with the rhymes I'm pennin
    crimes are pendin, minds are bending
    the silent hench men meet a violent endin

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  2. berroni said:


    Good. Let me try

    The silent to fight a flight attentand,
    on meth during a pilot test,
    quiet engine like perfection like we are cybersexin,
    might be wesson like my life is threatened of stressin,
    the silent pending to fight a private jet fly,
    I'm spendin with the miley cyrus textin,
    when I arrive crimes are pendin,
    hench men meet a sniffing ivermexitan,
    twice a second I'm pennnin
  3. Pureevi666 aka vile666 said:


    What else yah got thT was kk it echoed....