Who can develop a mobile app?

Thread: Who can develop a mobile app?

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  1. Emilia00 said:

    Default Who can develop a mobile app?

    Every business has its own overarching goal for an app. And I've noticed that a lot of people already have a mobile app. Who can I turn to for its development?
  2. Helen09 said:


    I believe that if the business is not in the cell phone, then the business falls out of sight of potential consumers. After all, a mobile app is to help increase key KPIs, increase customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness. You should turn to syndicode.com for this service. After all, they will be able to help and develop a mobile app just for your company.
  3. Mark01 said:


    But an app by itself cannot influence business indicators. Analysts and developers have to put tools into it that will work for commercial factors and increase engagement.