Hello everyone,

I'm a new member here and could use some help. Back in the early 2000's Real Radio WZZR would have the techno beach party with DJs Slammin Shaun, Icey, just to name a few. Real Radio would play the techno at night and weekends which was awesome for my early 20's. I'd say it was less than a year if that before the talk shows listeners complain enough to have it all removed and thus all the song information as well. Which brings me here to this group. There are a few songs back then that for the life of me I cannot find. I was hoping someone might be able to help. I don't have an artist, or name.. All I can give is some of the lyrics -if those are even correct. But I will do my very best to describe...

1st Song, I can't remember the actual music itself, but there was a male in the song that would repeat in a whispering voice these words.. " A guy name sinner and a new pair of dice" or maybe its "A new paradise" I'm not 100% on "A guy named Sinner". However, I am completely certain on the other half.

2nd song. As crazy as it sounds, I think this song was sampled from an old movie. I can hear the music in my head with a female saying these words... "Ewww Ewww Roses" then she says something I can't remember, followed by "Ewww weee Ewwww". after this parts of her voice breaks up which I think is from the song being edited and not from the supposed movie. She seemed surprised/happy as she says the words.


thats all I got. and I know its not much. But hoping someone out here can help.

Please advise and thank you very, very much to the person who can help.