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  1. luckypenguin said:

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    Hey, guys. I'm having a toothache and can't get in to see a dentist. No medicine is helping, either. I've tried everything I know to do, but it's not working! I'm in so much pain—urgently seeking advice on what to do next. What are my options? Where should I go?
  2. anthonydrowow said:


    Understand you. I have been suffering from toothache for a few days, but no medication helped. I was so desperate, I decided to try the emergency dental services of, and they were fast in helping me! I had a pain relief procedure done, and it helped so much! The doctors prescribed a treatment plan that is working very well. I am very satisfied with the service here and will come back if I need any more help with my teeth.
  3. archybows said:


    If there's an issue with your tooth, don't neglect it—you could end up having to have it removed if left untreated! Finally, don't panic if you find yourself in pain and unable to get in touch with a dentist right away—it happens sometimes!