Are arcade machines still relevant?

Thread: Are arcade machines still relevant?

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  1. Helen09 said:

    Default Are arcade machines still relevant?

    Do you think it is still relevant to play the arcade machines of the eighties and nineties? Do people still need it, or should we forget about these arcade machines?
  2. Mark01 said:


    I think that the arcade games that were on these machines will always be relevant, and there will always be fans of these games. Now many people buy Retro Arcade Machines to remember their childhood and play with their children or friends. I think these arcade machines can not be forgotten, because they are important to many people who played them, and they are not a few. So I am sure that arcade games will be relevant for a very long time to come.
  3. Emilia00 said:


    Well every year fewer and fewer people will play these games, but I think they will still be played for a very long time.