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  1. Mark01 said:

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    Hi all. I've been a teacher at uni for 10 years now. And to be honest I don't really like how much I earn. Some of my colleagues do what they teach online, or rather just record their lessons and sell them for money. I certainly do not quite understand the principle on which it works, but I was very interested. What can you tell me about this? Is it worth it to start something? Or it's a waste of time? In fact they do not say how much they get to earn on it.
  2. Emilia00 said:


    I'm not really good at it, but I know, and I can say with confidence that you can make money that way. After all, my brother has been creating his own online trainings on all sorts of topics and putting them on the Internet for 5 years now. It's very good that he has just recently visited me and I have not forgotten the name of the platform he uses. He certainly does not tell me much, but I was able to learn some things. This site is On it he said that you can publish your trainings and there are a lot of interesting features for additional work. Now he fully leads the lesson so to speak and gives tasks that can then double-check on the same site. So you can try and then be sure to tell whether you got it or not. Good luck in this hard work!
  3. Helen09 said:


    I use this platform too. But just for slightly different purposes. But the functionality will really make you happy.