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  1. luckypenguin said:

    Default Installing Windows 10 or 11

    Tips and Tricks- Hello friends! I'm planning to install Windows 10 or 11 on my computer, but I'm not quite sure where to begin. If anyone has experience with this process, would you be able to guide me through it, and maybe give me some tips to avoid any common installation errors? Thanks a lot!
  2. anthonydrowow said:


    Hello there! If you're looking to install Windows 10 or 11, it may seem a bit intimidating at first. However, it's not too difficult once you get the hang of it. Start by backing up all necessary data and creating a recovery disk. Then, download the installation media from Microsoft's website, and follow the instructions to create a bootable USB or DVD. Insert the installation media, boot from it, and follow the prompts to complete the installation process. For more detailed instructions, read the step-by-step guide in article . Best of luck!
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