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    veronika_pooh said:

    Default Posting rules for Greek translation section

    Hi, guys

    I decided to post this because of all the threads requesting identical things!So please before asking for something just use the "search" button or check out the fantastic job tzina772000 did here to see if someone hasn't already posted or translated what you need.If there are any questions I'll be glad to help you!

    Thanks in advance and have a nice time in the forum!

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    lollipop said:

    Default Please read before starting new thread!

    1) Thread titles should contain song and artist name.
    Please use following format:
    Artist Song name or names

    2) If you want the translation of a whole album for a specific singer use this
    format as the title:
    Artist Title of Album

    3) The request for a song translation by different Artist is not allowed in an already existent thread.

    Please follow these rules, to improve navigating and ease moderating in this section. Thank you.
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    Amethystos said:

    Exclamation How to search for the song you're looking for, BEFORE opening a new thread

    Please before you decide to open a new thread in "Greek translations section"
    use Google's search engine the way the next example demonstrates.

    Let's say that you wanna find if Notis Sfakiakis "o aetos" song has been translated inside ATL.

    You have to open Google
    and then add the parameter before the song you're searching
    (in our case "notis sfakianakis o aetos")

    The first screenshot shows what you must type and the second shows google's engine results.
    You then are able to click on any of these links.

    1st screenshot

    2nd screenshot

    In any case that the above procedure will not be respected by our members,
    moderating team will delete/merge the newly created threads

    Thanks for your understanding!
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