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    Talking To all you French-English speakers..Help Needed

    To all the geniuses who can speak French (cause I'v tried and never succededed )

    Would you please translate the song "Tes Yeux" by Cali to English??

    Tes yeux qui jettent des
    Je vais te tordre le cou
    Des nous ne verrons jamais la tête
    D'un enfant de nous

    Tes yeux qui jettent des
    Je suis à bout
    Dès je ne te supporte plus
    Un point c'est tout

    Et pourtant et pourtant
    Tu es celle que j'ai choisie
    Tu es l'enfer le mauvais temps
    Mais je te suis je te suis

    Et pourtant et pourtant
    je resterai près de toi
    A compter nos défaites
    Jusqu'au bout de je ne sais quoi

    Tes yeux qui jettent
    Du froid des bouts d'igloo
    Des ça va être ta fête
    Petit salaud jusqu'au bout

    Et pourtant et pourtant
    Tout au fond de notre lit
    Je m'accroche à ces mots si doux
    Que tu me prêtes quand tu t'oublies

    Et pourtant
    Je te suivrai n'importe où
    Tu es la femme de ma vie
    Ce sera écrit sur mon trou

    Tes yeux qui me promettent
    Une vie la laisse autour du cou
    Des si tu veux me suivre
    Ce sera à genoux

    Tes yeux qui me traitent
    De bon à rien du tout
    De fiotte de mauviette
    De merde de bande mou

    Tes yeux qui jettent
    Des éclairs et des cailloux
    Quand le petit matin me ramène
    Tout sourire à moitié saoul

    Tes yeux qui me jettent
    Des tu ne vaux pas un clou
    Et qui braquent des mitraillettes
    Quand je rentre de tu ne sais où

    Tes yeux qui me guettent
    Qui me cherchent des poux
    Tes yeux qui me mettent
    Dans tous les mauvais coups

    Tes yeux qui noircissent
    Quand je fais de l'humour
    Tes yeux qui m'aplatissent
    Oh comme je t'aime mon amour

    Tes yeux qui me jettent
    Des je vais t'arracher un doigt
    Des si tu pouvais jouer du piano
    Quand je ne suis pas là

    Tes yeux qui s'arrêtent
    Tes cils qui ne battent pas
    Ca y est tu es prête
    Ca va cramer pour moi

    Et puis y a mes amis
    Qui ne sont pas les tiens du tout
    Toues nos fêtes nos beuveries
    Qui ne sont pas mais alors
    Pas du tout à ton goût

    Et pourtant et pourtant
    Tu es si belle parfois
    Quand ta bouche ne se tord pas
    Pour me maudire à haute voix

    I know it's a very long one..but I'd really apperciate it ..thanks a bunch

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    Your eyes that throw of the I will twist you the neck Of The never will see us the head OF A child of us

    Your eyes that throw of the I am at boils as early as I do not bear you more A point this is all

    And nevertheless and nevertheless You are the one that I chose You the hell bad weather But I am you I am you

    And nevertheless and nevertheless I will remain close to you HAS to count our defeats to the end of I do not
    know what

    Your eyes that throw cold one igloo bouts Of The that will be your Small rotten party to the end

    And nevertheless and nevertheless All at the far end of our bed I myself m'accroche to these so soft words
    That you me ready when you forget yourself

    And nevertheless I will follow you anywhere You are the woman of my life This will be written on my hole

    Your eyes that promise me A life leaves it around the neck Of The if you want to follow me it will be kneeling

    Your eyes that treat me voucher to nothing of the all Of fiotte of mauviette Of band merde soft

    Your eyes that throw flashes and stones When the small morning brings back me All mouse to drunk half

    Your eyes that throw me Of The you not valleys a nail And that point mitraillettes When I return from you do
    not know where

    Your eyes that await me That look for me poux Your eyes that put me In all the bad blows

    Your eyes that darken When I do humor Your eyes that flatten me Oh as I like you my love

    Your eyes that throw me Of The I will pull out you a finger Of The if you could play the piano When I am not

    Your eyes that stop themselves Your eyelashes that do not beat Ca there was quiet are ready Ca goes cramer for

    And then there has my friends That are not the holds of the all Warp our parties our drinking sessions That
    are not but then not at all to your taste

    And nevertheless and nevertheless You are so beautiful sometimes When your mouth does not twist itself to
    curse me aloud

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    Thanks alot...although I didn't understand the whole thing...Is this a human translation? or is it from a translation site? cause it doesn't look human to me

    Thanks anyway

    Still,I was hoping someone would help me with a human translation..please Thanks

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    Red face "tes Yeux" (your eyes) as human as I could make it....

    From your eyes that look away
    I am going to wring your neck
    So we will never see the face
    of our child

    From your eyes that look away
    I'm at the end (the final stage)
    Since I can stand you no more.
    Period. It's over.

    And yet and yet
    You are the one I chose
    You were hell during the bad times
    But I followed you, I followed you

    And yet and yet
    I will stay close to you
    Detailing our faults
    Until when, I don't know

    Your eyes that look away
    from the coldest igloos
    then it will be your party
    little bastard, until the end

    And still and still (interchangeable with yet)
    all along our bed
    I'm bound to your soft words
    that you lent to me
    when you would forget yourself

    And still
    I will follow you anywhere
    You are the woman of my life
    this will be engraved on my tombstone

    Your eyes that promised me
    a life leashed around your neck
    If you want to follow me
    It will be on your knees

    Your eyes that treated me
    as good and as nothing at all
    as a proud person and as a coward
    of a group of shitty wimps

    Your eyes that looked away
    from the lightning and the stones
    when your little hand brought me home
    all smiles and half drunk

    Your eyes that look away
    (saying) you don't deserve a chance
    and that aim at machine guns
    when I come back, you won't know from where

    Your eyes that looked out for
    looked for lice on me
    your eyes that put me
    in every bad glance

    Yuor eyes that darken
    when I made jokes
    your eyes that express nothing
    oh how I love you my love

    Your eyes that look at me
    while I'm tearing off your finger
    as if you were able to play the piano
    when I'm not here

    Your eyes that have stopped blinking
    your lashes that have stopped beating
    there, now you are ready
    it's going to be great for me (literally=to burn, meaning to have a good time)

    And yet my friends
    who are not really friends at all
    all our parties are "drink-fests"
    these were not at all
    not at all to your liking

    And yet and yet
    you are still beautiful sometimes
    when your mouth is not twisted
    as you curse at me loudly

    Hope that helps. But *** kind of song is ths??????

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    Talking thanks very much

    Thanks Aegeanblonde....You really made my day

    And I like this song very's one of my has a kind of Love-Hate thing going on..I like this twisted creepy way of loving

    I first heared it on youtube on a music video about the movie based on shakespear's play "The taming of the shrew" it matched the idea of 2 people who love but still torture each other

    Obviously,I need some medical help

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