Hi folks! I stumbled across these forums whilst searching for my song. These forums are fabulous, so I signed up straight away!

Now this would be the part where I get down on my knees and grovel for help!
*pleads on knees*

Will someone pleasepleaseplease help me find this song? I would be so very, very grateful!

As a hobby, I really enjoy making fan music videos, (putting clips together of favourite films/TV shows/actors then adding music) and when I heard this song I realised it would be just *perfect* for the next fan video I want to make.

I heard it a week ago on VirginXtreme Radio station, I think it was quite late at night, only I havenít a clue as to which band/artist sung it or even the name of the song!

It was a very upbeat rock song with a lead singer who had an almost whiney type voice (a bit like Mika actually) And me being me of course, I only remember the naughty parts of the lyrics! The song is about all of the crazy things this guy did whilst on drugs.

The section of lyrics I remember are something along the lines of "I met a dominatrix, we went down into her basement, she tied me up and whipped meÖ" bit where he sings about getting high (I think) then goes back to singing about the dominatrix "here I am getting spanked like a school boy, the best fun I ever had." And everything I have in quotes there I am *sure* I have remembered correctly.

Well, I realise its not much to go on, but after spending hours googling I just had to come and ask for help - Iíve been driving myself mad with this all week! I would even be extremely happy if someone could give me tips on *how* to find the song, if no one can figure out which song it is Iím talking about...

Thank you!