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    Default translate greek phrase into English please!!

    Hi. I'm wondering if someone could please translate this phrase "kita me xana mesa sta matia kani na me klepsi ti kardia" into english for me =)

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    kita me xana mesa sta matia:look at me again in the eyes
    kani na me klepsi ti kardia"(are you sure it is like this? if it was "kane na mou klepsi ti kardia" would be:make (him/her){a wish} steal my heart

    kani:make (in he/she/it)
    kane:make (here a wish in you, like talking to god)

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    thank you. another question, what does this phrases mean..
    "kai tha me kitas sta matia..kai tha ginome komatia..san karavi pou espase sta dio..kai tha kripso ena driaki..apo to mation tin arki..pou tha lie akoma s'agapo"

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    Obviously something is wrong with this sentence as well..but not a big it is the translation and the correction

    kai tha me kitas sta matia.. (and you will look at me in the eyes)
    kai tha ginome komatia..(and we will become parts)
    san karavi pou espase sta dio...(like some ship that broke into two)
    kai tha kripso ena "driaki"(it is probably dakri)..apo to mation tin arki(it is akri)...(and I will hide one tear from the end of the eyes)
    pou tha lie(it is leei) akoma s'agapo"... ( that will say I still love you)

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    thank you sooo much =)

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