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    Talking in dire need of a title for this lyrics..

    hey guys,

    I was just listening to the radio the other day and if I am not mistaken that this line that goes like..'you are the one who saved are my superstar" is a 70's song...I can't seem to find a title for it but I'm sure that it is a woman who sang it..I hope that you guys could help me. Thanks very much.

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    The Carpenters had a hit with a song called "Superstar" in the early 1970's with covers by Cher, Anita Kerr, Bette Midler and Peggy Lee also in the 1970's. However, your lyrics are not a good match for this song.

    Sandy Farina also had a song called "Superstar" in 1979 but I can not find lyrics or a download.
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    Thumbs up thanks!

    i cant find the lyrics too of the second one but I will try to find it in Thanks very much!!

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