found an old tape with some great songs, but haven't been able to identify them.
I'm pretty sure it's from the 80's. mostly synths, some guitar and a charismatic vocalist.

here are the lyrics I've been able to pick up:


I can't stay longer allthough so many stones remain unturned
after I gone in your memories sometimes I will return
no one can stay here forever though so much is to be learnt
go _________ there is no time left for me to be conserned

I can see a million things I should have done
how can I regret a single one (how can I regret them)
everytime I try to do no wrong

(it could had been right...?) time pases by
(it could had been right) those who remain wondering why
bitter ones who learned to hide
(it could had been right) although I try
(it could had been right) so hard they would never see why
no one understood the _____


thinking of the future, thinking of times we had
wishing we get used to losing the strength we had
people will rush a way then going _________
we're living in the world today well it's driving us mad

oh so it goes too bad it's so
oh so it goes too bad it's so

thinking of those who bury their heads in the sand
giving and they're taking back with the other hand
wishing all the time for what other people have
is it a nearly end now what will become of them


walking tempted(?) with today what will tomorrow bring
everyone ___ is in controll but couldn't change a thing
and will tomorrow be a change from yesterday
I think I heard somebody say

(*something I can't understand..!*)

and tomorrow will be different so you heard me say
as tomorrow never comes and say you feel that way
and how much time for change do we have left today
I think I heard somebody say