What does 'Potranca' mean?

Thread: What does 'Potranca' mean?

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    heksje said:

    Question What does 'Potranca' mean?

    I discovered Bronco a while ago and I kinda like it. One of his songs is called La potranquita. Out of the context I understood he's talking about a girl, but I have no clue what it means exactly. could some one help me out?

    Thx a million
  2. Lijery said:


    Potranca, is apparently, a young horse.

    potranca - WordReference Forums
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    Reyes123 said:

    Default Potranquita means...

    It's a regional word :P

    The little horses are called "potro" in Spanish

    Potranca is a girl who ride horses, potranquilla, potranquita is little girl who ride horses.

    In other words... "little cowgirl"

    See you!
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    heksje said:


    thank you so much

    these little words can keep bugging me for days if i don't find out what they mean ;o)
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