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    Default help needed identifying this techno song

    i heard this techno/electronic song on the radio and i wanted to know the name of it, but the song didnt have that many lyrics, and it was hard for me to understand what was being said (some of the voices were electronic) I recorded parts of the song on my cell phone and i put the recordings onto a movie file on youtube so that you guys can hear it and perhaps tell me the name of the song.

    heres the link to the vid: YouTube - what's the name of this techno song?

    sry for the super bad quality >.< u might have to turn up ur volume to hear it well...

    the song sorta sounded like that one techno song from that pepsi commercial, but its NOT the same one thats on the pepsi commercial.

    also,has a female voice softly saying "radio..." or "video.." or something like that towards the end of the song... and it also says "stop..." in a soft voice as well. some of the things they were saying were "living....something somthing somthing..."

    well anyway thx for anyone who can idetify the song!

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    umm i tryed to help u out said the video has been re moved by user...any way i can help you with some techno songs you mite like "i am a big fan my self lol"

    1st song u have to get is :now your gone by bass hunters( the best beat relly get u pumpin)
    if u want a good beat and singing:dj cammy is a very good artist and all of his songs are good.

    and if your into the more heavy stuff..angerfist has some hard rave stuff(not relly into it)

    but let me know if u like any of it mate.

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    Default acebrain

    the song is called "Living On Video" by the 80's band TRANS X!!! Love that song. Your link didnt help but ya gave me enough hints with the lyrics. Here is the video on YouTube

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    uhm dude basshunters is to mainstream go for Donkey Rollers they really keep me goin at night if u know what i mean (not sexual) get ur roll on with the donkey rollers

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