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    Default "Tighty Whiteys" or "Tiny Whineys"

    Several times over the last year while I was living on the island of Utila in Honduras, I heard this song that sounded like the chorus was sayin "tighty whiteys....on your bum bum...." Some people said that it was actually saying "tiny whineys" but no one knew the title of the song or the artist. It is kind of a pop sounding song and has a male singer and some trumpets and stuff. It is very "stick in your head"..please, I must hear it again to cure myself..please if anyone knows anything bout this song, help me....

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    Default Tiny Winy by Arrow


    We just got back from a vacation in Antigua and heard the song on a snorkeling trip and could not get it out of our heads. We sang it to a local music shop owner who sold us the CD "Best of Arrow, Volume 2" with the song "Tiny Winy" on it. It is the song you are talking about. It originally appeared on a CD called Knock Dem Dead by Arrow. Arrow also goes by the name Alphonsus Cassell and I think that he is from Trinidad. I could not find the right version of the song on iTunes, but you can buy it off

    "Tiny Winy....On Your Bum Bum!!"


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