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    Wink Songs from Dirty Love movie by Jenny McCarthy


    I'm trying to figure out a couple of songs that are on the Dirty Love soundtrack...I saw the list of songs on imdb however these all seem to be artists no one has ever heard of.

    Particularly, I'm looking for the songs in the following scenes:

    -When Carmen Electra is breaking into McCarthy's ex boyfriend's house
    -The FHM fashion show with McCarthy's ex boyfriend
    -The scene where McCarthy is high on Ecstacy
    -The scene in the shopping store where McCarthy is trying to buy pads

    If anyone knows any of these songs or can clarify, that'd be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Benni Benassi

    The song where she is at the FHM show is called Put your Hands up by Benni Benassi
    The high on ecstasy scene is called I love my Sex by Benni Benassi
    As for the other two, i'm not sure.

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    Smile Reply

    Thanx buddy...those were the main ones I was concerned about...if anyone knows the other I would appreciate them as well.

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    Red face ummm chika bow wow....harold and kumar question

    What's the song when Harold is in the elevator, havin his fantasy with his wouldbe girlf\riend...also, wuts the song from the scene w sean patrick harris drivin by w the hoes in the car?

    feel free to add me at if u know the answer..

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    Now i was wondering if any one could help me with the song in the bar where Jenny McCarthy gets on the stage and starts to "rock" with that awesome band.What i am looking for (realy realy desperatly friggin looking for) is the name of the song or the name of the band or at least anything about them either.
    Thank you very very much.

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    Lopilo the song is called no reason by sum 41. =)

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    Default "Dirty Love" song

    Hey everyone...I was trying to figure out what song is playing when the menu is running on Dirty Love...the movie that Jenny McCarthy wrote and starred in.


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