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    I heard a soung last night that the only part i ca remember is " I smoke I drink" its not the one by the youngbloodz or the remix.. i think its newer and had heavyier bass anyone know this song?

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    maybe roy jones featuring mr. magic? its called i smoke i drink
    i think it goes "i smoke.. i drink.. i'm supposed 2 stop but i can't.."

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    No thats not it. Uh it kinda sounds like ra - do you call my name's chorus. I dunno the guys voice sounds like ying yang twins or deep lil jon. Ive been searching forever, but i dont know either and it seems to be pretty popular.

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    Found What I was talking about hope its the same:

    Bet That (Featuring Chamillionaire & GoldRush) 3:52 Trick Daddy featuring Chamillionaire & GoldRush, Back By Thug Demand $0.99 Hip-Hop/Rap

    Heard the song on the radio today and then googled more lyrics and this is what I came up with in Itunes. I typed in: Trick Daddy Bet That
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