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  1. sb88 said:

    Exclamation Belinki - HELP!

    I was on holiday in Ayia Napa about 2 weeks ago and i heard a song playing in a bar and i really would like to know what it was.

    I remember that there were a lot of russian/eastern european people there and they seemed to know the song so i think it might be from there.

    It's a europop song and some of the lyrics are "Belinki... bedinki" excuse the spelling...

    If anyone knows this song, please help! I'm desperate to find it.

    thanks xxx
  2. Alia2's Avatar

    Alia2 said:


    ok, maybe it was " kalinki" ?
    in russian we have a song , EVERYBODY knows, it is " kalinki malinki" , but usually people sing it in bars after some glasses of vodka )))
    also in Bulgaria there is sth like that, " kalinki kato balerinki". i don't know whether it is a song or no, but there is sth like a small poem, maybe they sing it too, i just can tell that the contents is almost the same.
    if u still search, maybe it's this. anyway i don't know anything more, "belinki" exist in russian, but "kalinki " we sing )))) belinki is a sort of grass or sth, an archaism, very old word.
    i'm glad if i can help u somehow, really ))) if u need my help, u can write, i'll try to do anything possible. Alia
  3. Pongo76 said:


    "kalinki kato balerinki" There is a Bulgarian song "Две калинки" - "two ladybugs" who appear as ballerinas - this is the text, but it is a children song and I guess it has nothing to do with the song in question. I guess it's O-zone (Romanian band) version of Russians - "Kalinka". You could chek up this link:
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    Victor Sklyarov said: