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Thread: Belinki - HELP!

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    Exclamation Belinki - HELP!

    I was on holiday in Ayia Napa about 2 weeks ago and i heard a song playing in a bar and i really would like to know what it was.

    I remember that there were a lot of russian/eastern european people there and they seemed to know the song so i think it might be from there.

    It's a europop song and some of the lyrics are "Belinki... bedinki" excuse the spelling...

    If anyone knows this song, please help! I'm desperate to find it.

    thanks xxx

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    ok, maybe it was " kalinki" ?
    in russian we have a song , EVERYBODY knows, it is " kalinki malinki" , but usually people sing it in bars after some glasses of vodka )))
    also in Bulgaria there is sth like that, " kalinki kato balerinki". i don't know whether it is a song or no, but there is sth like a small poem, maybe they sing it too, i just can tell that the contents is almost the same.
    if u still search, maybe it's this. anyway i don't know anything more, "belinki" exist in russian, but "kalinki " we sing )))) belinki is a sort of grass or sth, an archaism, very old word.
    i'm glad if i can help u somehow, really ))) if u need my help, u can write, i'll try to do anything possible. Alia

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    "kalinki kato balerinki" There is a Bulgarian song "Две калинки" - "two ladybugs" who appear as ballerinas - this is the text, but it is a children song and I guess it has nothing to do with the song in question. I guess it's O-zone (Romanian band) version of Russians - "Kalinka". You could chek up this link:

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