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    Unhappy oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope someone can help me its driving me crazy i heard a song that i havent heard in a good few years but cant for the life of my remember who sang it or most of the words....all i know it was a black man who sang it and the the chorus was '' cant leave you alone '' i think its early 90's and its a man singing about being with a woman and he sings something about it being wrong. Please please help me

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    Woooo i found the song but cant download it on limewire boohoo...

    It was . :Fabolous feat/ Lil.Mo and Mike Shorey

    Verse 1: Baby girl, you know my situation. But sometimes I know you get impatient. But you don't shows and ghetto faces take to core and go through litergation. And i respect your gangsta treat like a princess and put something on your neck to thank ya. She's my pen-chedda. With the starting line up ............... I come off the bench with her. It might sound like I'm passin ya. But it take time to get from the back seat to the passenga. We been creepin and sneakin just to keep it from leakin. We so deep in our freakin that we don't sleep on the weekend. Wifey a little bit up-tight wondering why I keep coming home in the middle of the night. It'll be alright. If ya'll bump heads It'll be a fight, but I said It'll be alright you know.

    Chorus: I really want to be with you.But I got to be real with you.I can't leave you alone. I know I'm living wrong but I can't let you go. Your the one I want in my life.I already got a wife.I can't leave you alone.I know I'm living wrong, but I can't let you go.

    Verse 2: You ain't never step out of line or get out of pocket so I made sure Canary sit out your locket.To protect you I get out and cop it. And you know to battle up my guns is big enough to spit out a rocket. (Oh!) You gone take them if cops do come through. I got to keep I top down if my drop do come through. But I know the boutiqes and shops you run through. So I cop her one and cop you one too. You always them daily pays and weekly rings plus you ain't too shy to do them freaky things. I ain't got to put no band on your. I worrying about you telling the whole world while I'm springer. At first you was something I denied, something I would slide, just to do something in the ride. But shorty it's something you provide. Plus Andre ain't as good without something on the side you know.


    Verse 3: Uh,oh! I might be leaving the earth soon. My girl gone kill me if she smell the scent of your perfume. It's gone be the Clip-toss if I go back with stains of you lip gloss on my throwback. She won't care if I'm a platinum rapper if she catches me with an empty Magnum wrapper.So keep it on the down low.Don't call the cops. Tell them you seen what happened with Mr.Biggs and R. Kelly. Uh!

    Lil. Mo: You know I care for you. ANy time this chick is there for you. Spending time to share with you this makes it a little more clear for you

    Now i can sleep tonight hahaha!!

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    Hey wassup, I don't know if you come back to this forum, but if u do and ur reading this:

    Y can't you download it off of limewire, i looked up the song and i found it just fine and quick. Is it because maybe you don't know the name of the song. If you don't know the name of the song the name of the song is called "Can't Let You Go" It's on his album called "StreetDreams" Love that song!!

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