Does anyone know this song? (Video link)

Thread: Does anyone know this song? (Video link)

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  1. filberto said:

    Post Does anyone know this song? (Video link)

    Ok, this will be hard.
    YouTube - What is this song?

    Now the song starts at 0:02 seconds,and goes on for six seconds. Itt is a pretty common song and I was wondering if someone knew what it was?

    Very appreciativeto all those who help
  2. ashsashsalfaldwn said:


    I searched for the trailer music, and it came up with 2 songs --

    "Chelsea Dagger" - The Fratellis
    "Souljacker Part 1" - The Eels

    I can't hear the music on the video well enough to figure out exactly what it is...but I hope that helps! <3
  3. lollipop's Avatar

    lollipop said:


    @filberto: The quality is bad indeed. I barely hear background noise.
    From where have you ripped this? Maybe we can find this, when you tell the original source, like TV-show, or movie?

    *Edit*: hmmm, no that I read the reply more closely...

    ashsashsalfaldwn: Maybe I don't see the obvious, but...from where you actually know, what trailer this is? You recognized this from that man talking? What name is this movie then?
  4. filberto said:


    It is from a sky box office advert for hot fuzz.

    However, I don't think that the song is in the movie. I know it isn;t the fratellis but I will try the soul jacker song.

    Sorry for it being such a short clip.
  5. lollipop's Avatar

    lollipop said:


    I'm sorry, I try and I try, and i fail.

    It reminds me of The Prodigy. But really, it could be anything from rock to heavy.
  6. marcdavidg said:

    Default Box office advirt Hot fuzz

    I've been looking for the same song for age's myself. The closes i have got to finding it is it's on the film Man On Fire. its in a club sicne as his about to kill someone and there is a sample of that same track.

    I looked at the films sound track and had no luck but got a list of songs that were on the film but were not put on the film track CD.

    Look at the list below and espacilly the songs like GMS , they sound very much like that track but they arnt the one but there where a few i couldnt find so it could be one of these trackes.

    The same pice of music is also used on topgear a lot if that helps.

    Let me know if you find out with it is, hope this helps.

    PS if i get any closer to it i will let you know to. ,

    Not on the soundtrack:

    38. "The Great Below" - Nine Inch Nails
    39. "Self Destruction, Part Two" - Nine Inch Nails
    40. "Clair De Lune"
    41. "Field-Goal" - Kinky
    42. "Guadalajara"
    43. "Nocturne No. 4 in F, Op. 15, No. 1"
    44. "Gavin Leaves Message"
    45. "Corridor"
    46. "Gavin Sees Val And Kids"
    47. "Follow Me Down"
    48. "Katie Snow Dream"
    49. "Embry Threatens"
    50. "Take Me with You"
    51. "Oye Como Va" - Kinky
    52. "Mickey" - Toni Basil
    53. "Razzle Dazzle" - Jo Park
    54. "Nessun Dorma From Turandot"
    55. "Deedrah Reload (GMS Remix)" - Deedrah
    56. "Juice (Live Mix)" - GMS
    57. "GMS Vs Alien Project" - GMS (not sure about the title!)
    58. "Bring Out The Gimp" - GMS
    59. "Hell-Bent" - Deakin Scott
    60. "Space" - Baby Doc & S-J
    61. "Premajor"
    62. "The Search" - Larry Carlton & Michel Colombier
    63. "Creasy Dies" - Lisa Gerrard
  7. ashsashsalfaldwn said:


    The thing is, trailer music isn't necessarily music from the movie. Most of the time, they'll take the music from somewhere else (the 2003 Peter Pan trailer was a combination of Coldplay and a computer game theme). That's usually why they're so difficult to track down. ~ ~;;
  8. marcdavidg said:


    I know they change songes around a lot on samples like if you watch a program on the internet and then of the tv the music can change but i know for a fact that the song thats wanted is in this list.

    If you buy the sound trackes from most film the track you always want is never on it because again half the music used hasnt had cleared and only the most popula tracks make it onto the CD.

    I have been triying to get throught to the BBC as well to find out what the tracks called but never can get a reply.

    The Track you want has nothing to do with the film but this track is on MAN On FIRE thats why i have posted the list of music from the film.
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  9. filberto said:


    Yeah I remember it off top gear too. I hope we can track it down