Hello everyone,

I'm new to the ATL forums, I've used the site several times before to look up lyrics for some songs before.

I'm in a bit of a dilemma as I recently heard of this one song called "DJ Play My Song" by Galaxy 68 on Imeem, and there's this other song that starts playing after that song. I have the Galaxy 68 song, but I need help with finding that other song.

I've cut it out to help in terms of finding who it's by and what the lyrics are, saving time from people to register with Imeem and skipping to the end of the song to hear the song I want to try to identify.


The song that's playing first is the Galaxy 68 song, but the one that follows that is what I want to find the artist, song name, and lyrics for, if possible.

I think the lyrics go something like this :

"I will follow"...."If I want to dance with you".

I've done numerous searches on Google and came up with nothing that's any bit similar.

All help is greatly appreciated ahead of time !

- Mike.