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    Default Lyrics of 'Baro' by Habib Koite


    I'm looking for the lyrics of the song 'Baro' from Habit Koite.
    If you don't know the song, try to find it. It's a really beautiful song...

    Thanks for the lyrics

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    Default Habib Koite - Baro

    Malidenw ne kaw ma aw ni san
    I kera fan o fan
    Soukora baro tuma sera
    Aw fe baro le negue yena

    Malidenw ne kima inissou, inissouro baro
    I kera fan o fan, Ne bi fe
    Soukora baro tuma sera
    I fe kuma le negue yena

    Korona yala; tilebi yala
    Sanangouya gnonte fansi dunia
    Korona yala; tilebi yala
    Dialiya gnonte fansi dunia

    Dioutou kan be soufe barola kairala
    Aw maye soumou diyara souina
    Nga diamaro gueba kelen siguilen diamaro
    Bole luntan fe

    Toulon ni yele beyan ani sanankuya
    Luntan ke ko sanangouyaye mungne
    Anw mama, anw mw, nan fouferfauw
    Wolou fana siguira ka soumou ke kairala

    Teriya m'm nana ni saangouyaye
    Ma folo bi
    Niyi, miri, niango madowa ni diata ma
    Kouyate ni Keita ye sanangouye kabir'ngani

    Tutuu! Tuu! Tu! Tutuu! Tutuu!

    Toulon ni yele, deli ana hin
    Obee ye sanangouya nema ye, kaira.

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    wow! thanks definitive ...
    i've never thought that i could find any of Habib's lyrics !
    may i ask for a translation :$ !!

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    Default Baro - English meaning

    From the CD liner Habib Koite & Bamada 2001 Contre Jour 2001 Putumayo World Music:

    "Baro (the chat)

    The 'Sanankuya' is a relationship kept between 'Sanankus', joking relations.
    They provoke each other, argue, poke fun and sometimes even insult each other. But always as a laugh. This relationship is handed down from a sacred act of tolerance, gratitude and solidarity, established between the ancestors of several ethnic groups in Mali.

    Through humor, the joking relations re-live this relationship which is now an inestimable element of harmony and social peace. "

    In thinking about this, what I got out of this in comparison to US/English culture are several things. To start with, keep your ego in check. We know your history, so don't even try to exaggerate or pretend to be something you are not. Also, keep your anger in check since it violates established boundaries. Again, we know your history, so peace is therefore maintained via pseudo arguments that morphs into joking resulting in diffusing the conflict. I'd go as far as to guess that this behavior is a private privilege between members of the group. In that, if outsiders were to attempt to engage in the same type of behavior, the remarks would literally be interpreted as insulting and argumentative. Again, just my take.

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    You know the translation for the song "I Mada" and "Sinama denw"? Those are my favorite songs ever!!!!!

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