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    Default Song in 'GET OVER HIM' episode

    Hi this song plays as kristin leaves to go meet steven for lunch or something the lyrics I got were:

    Maybe am not worthy of you
    Maybe I can't just wait here for you
    Out of the blue am broken in two
    When two worlds collide with different views

    I checked the listing of the songs of this episode on but never found the song.

    Hope this helps, thx in advance

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    same problem here >.< please help us..

    season 2 episode 7 "Get over him"

    the last scene of stephen with kristin.

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    Listen to part of it here. Is it Am I Falling?

    I believe these are the lyrics:

    Maybe I'm not here till the end
    Maybe it's not what I'm expecting
    Maybe I'm not worthy of you
    Maybe I just can't wait here for you
    And out of the blue I'm broken in two
    And two worlds collide with different views
    And I'm falling

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