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    Default song from Season 3, Episode 6

    This song opens up the second scene "Up For the Task" on the Hills website @ and it's footnote is "Heidi discusses her future at Bolthouse and Lauren admits that Jason is the only man she's fallen head over heels for." The scene starts out with a picture of the "Hollywood" sign and then stops when Lauren walks through a doorway coming back from school and Whitney is there in the office as well; Whitney starts asking her how things are going and then goes on to talk about Jason.

    At the beginning of the scene the song lyrics are, "And the stars will shine, and will stay north of you..."

    Then when it slows down and starts to fade it is, "Come back to me, I could give you everything..."

    It's like a really upbeat song and it's alternative...can't find it anywhere!

    I cannot find this song and it's really frustrating me...Can anyone help me Please?


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    bump, looking for this song as well. thanks.

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    Did anybody find this song ?

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