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    lollipop said:

    Default Nightwish

    Just FYI, who is not aware yet:
    After 3 years new Album from Nightwish was released few days back. It's called Dark Passion Play.
    That new singer Anette Olzon is good choice IMO. Ok, so i got to say, she has not so powerful voice, but she sounds nice enough for me

    I think, it is a good album. The album is, i don't know the english word, it is "flowing" very good , my ears rested on these metallic melodies...

    Also, Special Edition is with 2 cd, and second cd contains only instrumentals of those songs. Loved it.

    Please, remember, I don't know much about this style, so, I only say in simple words, what i felt, when I heard this

    Discuss. And if you have not heard album yet, then: what you think of Nightwish in general?

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  2. xshat said:


    Their allright. I've heard them before. Got some talent but not my choice of music.
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    Pedro the Great said:


    Nightwish is alright, I'd have to agree with xshat. I preffer their older music to this new album (I'm listening to it right now, I'd never heard it...) but it's not bad. If you're looking for good music that falls in this genre, then you should check out Lacuna Coil. if you like Nightwish you'd probably like these guys (and girl) as well . - Lacuna Coil - Metal / Gothic / Rock -

    Listen to "Heaven's a Lie"
  4. soheil666omen said:

    Angry Nightwish is dead with this new vocalist.

    This new album without TARJA, means that Nightwish is dead.
    Tarja's voice is great. I heard all other albums. All of 'em are great.
    Very technical vocalist make their albums wealthy.
    I don't know what happened with the band but I only know that Tarja must come back to the band otherwise the Nightwish is not NIGHTWISH anymore.
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    lollipop said:


    Tarja will never return...

    Here is the open letter to Tarja few years back, this will shed some light to events, what happened between Nightwish and Tarja: Nightwish - The Official Website
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    velvet_sky said:


    hii all.... before i didnt know who are nightwish and so... but a friend of mine sent to me one song... i really like it ... then started to search for more songs by them... and i have to say that i really like many of them ( not all but many :P ) .... as i noticed before that band was with other main vocal (Tarja) ... and about that i have to say that the songs that i have with her are a way better than with the new one (Annete if i am not wrong ) but and now they are good
    love ghost score and dark chest of wonders are two of my fave songs
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  7. Luke of Metal said:


    Nightwish are ok, Tarja was too operatic for the band in my opinion but the band are more metal now and that to me is a very good prospect... Download an old song called 'Over The Hills And Far Away' (originally by Gary Moore) the YouTube is here:

    also check out WITHIN TEMPTATION, these guys are amazing.

    Also, check out a band from my home town of Manchester in the same style called LIQUID SKY <-- Official Myspace for Liquid Sky
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    Dangerous & Moving said:


    My favourite band!!! Indeed amazing one, lyrics, music just everything!
    ''Glupost je sama u sebe zaljubljena i njeno je samoljublje bezgranično.''

    ''Siamo niente senza fantasie''

    ''Наверное мне место на луне, но страшно оставаться в темноте''
  9. Cheavy said:


    Nightwish is a great band, one of my favourites.
    I totally agree with many here; Nightwish isn't the same Nightwish without Tarja, but still a great band.
    What's your favourite song from them?
    My faves would be: Tutankhamen, Bye bye beautiful. And yours?
  10. Girl next door's Avatar

    Girl next door said:


    I loved Nightwish before and I still do.
    My favourite songs are - Last Of The Wild and Bye bye beautiful,
    from older ones - Sleeping Sun, Moondance, Over the hills and far away, Forever Yours.

    I agree with Luke of Metal, Within Temptation is also amazing! I truly adore their songs - All I Need, Stand My Ground, The Heart Of Everything...
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    Disa said:


    Ahh, i stardet to listen Nightwish when i was about 10 years old, and since then metal have been the music for me. Last few years ive been more in to heavyer stuff, but oh well.. First love never frogotten you know.

    Tarja was kicked out from the band cause it seemd that the fame was getting into her head and she was acting fragile. I understand guys decision, but ive just gotto say that i liked her voice much better than Anettes.
    Anette is great singer too, without a doubt. Her voice is softer and warmer than Tarjas, but that certain coldness and hardness in Tarjas sining was something ive loved in the band all along.

    (Though Marco Hietala sing better than Tarja or Anette.. And the beard!)
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  12. PlainChaos said:


    I don't like them. And as for the new vocalist, I just can't stand her!
  13. Naurettu said:


    I used to love this band, when Tarja was in it. Tarja's voice is just something so special, so beautiful and so .. just allmost perfekt. Anette's voice isn't so nice, i don't like it at all.
    But just what Disa said, Marco Hietala is better (listen the band called Tarot, it is one of my favourites) than anyone! Tarot - Howl! is so great song.