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    Default grey's anatomy lyrics help!

    does anyone know the lyrics to the song "something in the water", by the jealous girlfriends?

    it's on the grey's anatomy vol. 3 soundtrack. can't find the lyrics on the internet.


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    I searched them too and I didn't find them. I'm a big fan od the G.A. You too ?
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    I've even found a DL for the entire album but the lyrics are absolutely nowhere to be found...
    The song doesn't have much lyrics but I simply don't understand two lines and maybe someone can fill in the blanks

    Jealous Girlfriends - Something In The Water (<<-- DL)

    I think there's something in the water
    or then again
    it could be something in the air
    but there's none to be found till the dirt on the ground
    and the choices are made
    or ad hoc anyway
    I think it must be the water
    that is all you can do
    to keep your head above it
    that's the only truth
    there's no way around it

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