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    Default Unknown trance/dance song "close to you i want to stay"


    I've been looking for a particular song for long, and I'm hoping someone here can help me, so I won't have to nuts. ;-)

    The song is a trance/dance song, definitely at least a few years old. The lyrics goes something like this: "Close to you I want to stay, you ... another day", and is sung by a woman. It's hard to hear all the words in the song (and especially since I don't remember the song that well anymore). The song has a typical commerical sound to it.

    I know it's not these songs:
    Dj TiŽsto - Close to you
    Rollergirl - Close to you
    Axel Coon - Close to you
    Fun Factory - Close to you

    I doubt the song is called "Close to you" or "Another day". I've listened to a lot of songs, but still no success. Any help appreciated. :-)

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    I know it’s ten years old, lol. But I can help out anyone else if not Kris. It’s “Brighter Day” by Treesh

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