Solved: looking for this song for over 10 years

Thread: Solved: looking for this song for over 10 years

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  1. simonfranco said:

    Default Solved: looking for this song for over 10 years

    here's what I know about it:

    it was composed by Dorothea Joyce ( for Nina Ricci's L'aire Du Temps perfume. Se even won a Clio award with that song. I know there's an English version of the song and there was also a Brazilian cover of it in the 80's. Last time I heard it was on an old tape about 15 years ago.
    If memory serves me, Brazilian lyrics might say something like

    'Essa canção faz lembrar voçê, pois ela sai de uma caixinha que você me deu'.

    I have no memory of the english lyrics.

    I'm looking for any version, english or brazilian.

    Anyone have any idea that can help?
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    atmaestro said:


    The name of the song is "L'air du Temps" ("The Spirit of the Times").
    The following link has the only information I could find on the song.
    Them that can, do; them that can't... memorize Artist and Title
  3. simonfranco said:


    thanks. I've got a bit more information, it's possible that the brazilian version of the song was sung by Astrud Gilberto, but the song was rewritten, meaning, they used the same melody but completely different lyrics, so the title might not be a direct translation.
  4. simonfranco said:


    ok... i tried to do a music file with the tune... notes may be a bit off, and the tempo is certainly not good at all, but it may help:
  5. simonfranco said:


    Anyone? Please!
  6. simonfranco said:



    ( I'm going ad guys, please help )... Consider this: Maybe it has nothing to do with Dorothea Joyce, Facts are just these:

    1. it's old
    2. I heard it on a perfume advert
    3. there was a brazilian version (lyrics at the top)

    listen to my brilliant (not) audio file!

  7. Balem said:


    Hello friend, I finally found this song on youtube.
    Name: Mirrors
    Singer: Sally Oldfield

    I am Brazilian, was also looking for this song in Portuguese and saw that your topic.

    If you'd like, watch here:

    If it had not yet found, is there

    Sorry my poor English
  8. simonfranco said:


    Fantástico amigo! Sou inglês mas falo portugues tambem e vivo em Portugal!

    MUIIIITO OBRIGADO! Ainda não tinha encontrado!

    Um grande abraço!

    (For everyone who does not understand portuguese: Balem is right! This was the song i have been looking for!)