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  1. kurtman1000 said:

    Talking its a comedy song

    i heard this song on the radio a while ago now... the problem is i don't know the lyrics or artist....... but you you still might be able to help... now all i can tell you is it's in the style of the "austin powers" **** scene you know "that looks like a giant, weener get your weeners look up in the sky it a giant, jonson" i don't even know the words to that the only other thing i can say is it's in the style of country... if anyone has any ideas please reply
  2. simonfranco said:


    Could it be Dear Penis by Rodney Carrington ?
  3. kurtman1000 said:


    that is a good laugh but no it never finishes a sentance, every line is about to say something but never dose like (and these are just out of my head not out of the song so don't quote me) janie had a pole and stuck it up her arsernic is a poison.......
  4. McGrimm said:


    I know that this isn't the song but could it be the same artist. It sounds like the kind of stuff he does.

    This one's a little lounge singer-esque but he does have some country like songs...I think.